Courgette Cake Recipe with Lime & Cream Cheese Icing

This delicious Courgette Cake recipe is so easy to make, packed with lime and topped with delicious mascarpone cream cheese frosting icing. The perfect summer bake to use your vegetables in! Also easily made Gluten Free.

Courgette Cake Recipe with Lime & Cream Cheese IcingHave you ever grown courgettes yourself? If you haven’t grown them before and you fancy yourself as a gardener, courgettes are 100% the summer thing to grow.

As I mentioned in my Courgette Fritters recipe a few weeks ago, they are SO satisfying. They just grow and grow without too much TLC. Making me feel like next year I’ll be exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show or similar.

If that’s not reason enough to grow some. Two more words. Courgette Cake. It’s SO GOOD. A delicious texture, a portion of veg and to me, one of the tastes of summer. Even if you’re not a gardener, please buy some courgettes and try this Courgette Cake recipe!

Courgette Cake Recipe with Lime & Cream Cheese Icing

How do you make Courgette Cake?

This cake is super simple to make in one bowl. Mix your sugar, oil and eggs until well combined. Then you need to grate your courgettes and squeeze out as much moisture as possible. This is really important to help the cake not be soggy. Just use clean hands and do it over the sink.

Then add in your grated courgettes, pistachio nuts (not necessary but they add a lovely bite), lime zest, self raising flour, bicarbonate of soda and cinnamon. Stir until totally combined.

Pop it all into a loaf tin, lined with baking paper and bake until firm and cooked through. Meanwhile make your mascarpone icing whilst the cake is in the oven and store it in the fridge until the cake is cooked and totally cold.

Slather it on and enjoy a bit wedge of cake in the sunshine!

Courgette Cake Recipe with Lime & Cream Cheese Icing

Tips for making the Courgette Cake recipe:

  • Be sure to use a coarse side of the grater for grating your courgettes, they will be too mushy if you use a very fine grater.
  • IMPORTANT TIP! After grating your courgettes for the courgette cake, with clean hands, squeeze out as much liquid as possibly. You can do this in a sieve, but a good squish in your hands will do the best job. This is really important so that the cake isn’t too wet.
  • When you make your cream cheese frosting, mix very softly and slowly to avoid the icing getting too runny. If it does go a little runny, pop into the fridge for an hour to firm up.

Courgette Cake Recipe with Lime & Cream Cheese Icing

What I used to make the Courgette Cake recipe:

  • Pretty Pistachios – I LOVE these pistachio nut slivers, I’ve only found them on Amazon but I think that they really finish this cake beautifully. You’ll only use some of a pack to decorate this cake, but they keep well in the fridge.

Courgette Cake Recipe with Lime & Cream Cheese Icing

  • Microplane Zester – My secret weapon for any recipes with citrus zest in is my Microplane Zester. I know I’m a wimp but I used to hate making lemon drizzle cake before splashing out on one of these. They have SO many glowing reviews. You can buy them here on Amazon: Microplane Premium Zester.
  • Good Quality Loaf Tin – A sturdy tin that conducts the heat evenly will really make a different to your bakes. This Non Stick Loaf tin on Amazon is a good buy.

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Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. I’d love to know how you got on and what you thought of it if you make this Courgette Cake recipe. Please rate the recipe and leave me a comment below if you do.

Also, if you fancy showing me a photo by tagging me on Instagram (@tamingtwins) I LOVE to see your creations.

Courgette Cake Recipe with Lime & Cream Cheese IcingHow to make the Courgette Cake recipe:

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