Baked Ranch Chicken Breasts

Baked Ranch Chicken is a family favorite Chicken Breast Recipe! With only five ingredients, it’s very simple, but packed with so much flavor! It’s so crispy on the outside (crunchy crust anyone?) and tender and juicy on the inside! You will love the convenience of baked boneless chicken breasts during busy weeknights.Baked Ranch Chicken Breasts

Your baked chicken breasts will come out juicy and tender every single time covered in the amazing ranch dressing. Ranch Chicken has never tasted better! Melt in your mouth to leave you wanting more. I usually bake the chicken breasts and then add veggies or pasta on a side to make it a complete dinner. So good!Baked Ranch Chicken Breasts

What kind of ranch dressing should I use

You can use a seasoning packet or a ranch dressing mix from a jar. I prefer to use the dressing from the jar because you can be generous in how much you use.

Do you know how we like to eat our baked ranch chicken? Dipped in ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise! These condiments bring out the most delicious ranch dressing flavor. Our friends also like to dip the chicken in relish or even sour cream! And they love that it is baked and not fried.

Easy chicken recipe!

Use it for potlucks, dinner parties, potlucks, or busy weeknight dinners.

What goes well with ranch chicken

Everything! But this chicken recipe is especially good when served with rice or pasta, grilled veggies, or a slice of freshly baked bread! You can also slice it and add it to salads and sandwiches. Baked Ranch Chicken Breasts

Simply add ranch dressing to a large bowl and dip your seasoned chicken breasts until fully coated.Baked Ranch Chicken Breasts

Once chicken is coated in ranch dressing, it’s time to cover it in breadcrumbs! I usually prepare a flat dish and add bread crumbs.Baked Ranch Chicken Breasts

Next I carefully coat each chicken breast in the bread crumbs. That’s it!Baked Ranch Chicken Breasts


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