10 Essential Ingredients Found in Traditional Mexican Food

Have you ever wondered just what it is that gives Mexican food its mouthwatering flavor? Traditional Mexican food is made with some essential ingredients, and at Borracha Mexican Cantina, you’ll find these ingredients in our kitchen. Whether we’re serving up some sizzling fajitas or mixing up one of our fabulous margaritas, we rely on these ingredients to give our dishes their distinctive flavor.


Rich and buttery, avocados are found in countless Mexican dishes. They’re the base ingredient to a delicious guacamole, but they’re also versatile enough to be included in salads, sandwiches, and more. Thanks to their mild flavor, avocados appeal to many people and can be enjoyed sliced, cubed, or smashed.


You’ll find beans included in many different Mexican dishes. They can be incorporated into chili, served in burritos, refried and spread on a tortilla, and more. Black and pinto beans are served with almost every traditional Mexican meal, providing protein while being versatile enough to work as a side dish or main ingredient for nearly any meal.


What’s a Mexican dish without cheese? Various cheeses add decadent flavor to many Mexican foods. At Borracha, we use an asadero and jack cheese blend, cheddar cheese, Mexican cheese, jalapeno cheese sauce, panela cheese, and more on dishes such as our tacos, burritos, Mexican street corn, and more.


Looking for a little kick to your food? Chipotles are smoke-dried jalapenos that pack plenty of power, adding heat and a smoky flavor to salsas, marinades, and other Mexican foods. You’ll often find chipotles in dishes like quesadillas, pastas, and soups.


Full of flavor, limes add just a touch of acidity to foods, and they can be the perfect way to top off a Mexican dish. You’ll often find limes used to top tacos and salsa, and they’re a great ingredient in margaritas and drinks. Our Mi Amigos 57’ Cadillac, La Casa, Blood Orange Margarita, and Mango Margarita all feature fresh lime juice. (If you’re using lime to enhance the flavor of your food, fresh squeezed lime is really the only way to go!)

10 Essential Ingredients Found in Traditional Mexican Food


Both corn and flour tortillas are essential to many Mexican dishes, including enchiladas, tostadas, tacos, and more.  Flour tortillas are highly popular in northern Mexico, and you’ll find them in many different sizes. In central and south Mexico, corn tortillas are frequently used. Here in the US, you can easily find flour tortillas, but finding corn tortillas is more of a challenge, and most of the store-bought options lack the flavor and freshness offered by handmade options.


Similar to sour cream, crema adds a bright tough to sauces that are paired with dishes like tacos. This ingredient can be difficult to find, so sour cream is a frequently-used substitute. We use crema in our Mexican street corn here at Borracha.


Mexican oregano is a little stronger and more powerful than traditional American oregano, but it adds the perfect flavor to a dish. Oregano also complements other spices well.


Poblanos are milder chili peppers and they can be served roasted and peeled, or cut into strips. You’ll find poblanos in many different dishes. We use a poblano sauce in our chicken taquitos, crunchy tostadas, enchiladas, and chili relleno.


Most of the sauces in common Mexican dishes are tomato-based. You’ll find tomatoes in over 10 dishes on the Borracha menu, including in our smoked tomato & tortilla soup, beef empanadas, chicken taquitos, veggie rice bowl, and more. You can include a variety of tomato types in Mexican dishes, which allows you to choose from the tomatoes that are in season for the best flavor.

10 Essential Ingredients Found in Traditional Mexican Food

Experience Authentic Mexican Dishes at Borracha

Hunting down essential ingredients for Mexican food can be a challenge here in the United States, so why not let Borracha take care of the work for you? At Borracha, our menu is full of Mexican-inspired dishes made with these essential ingredients. You’ll find that our food is full of flavor, and our awe-inspiring atmosphere pairs perfectly with our Mexican cuisine. Reserve a table now and make Borracha your go-to spot to indulge in some delicious Mexican dishes.

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